Oilers Win Semifinals

The University of Findlay western equestrian team will compete at nationals as they won the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) semifinal, which was hosted by the Oilers on March 24-25.

West Texas A&M and Berry will also compete at nationals as they finished second and third, respectively, at the event.

In addition, the top four placers in each of the events listed below will earn a trip to the national event, which is scheduled to take place on May 3-6 in Raleigh, N.C.

Class 1 Individual reining
1st- Lisa Roberts North Central Texas
2nd- Tobie Montelbano Texas Tech
3rd- Leah DiGioia SUNY-Cobleskill
4th- Catherine Howland Morrisville
5th- Britta Jackson Louisville
6th- Jarrod Bush Findlay
7th- Haley Hill North Georgia
8th- brooke Wodrig Mount Holyoke

Class 2 Individual Novice Horsemanship
1- Jared Deatrick Findlay
2- Kevin Sipes- Kentucky
3- Emma Bates- Findlay
4- Rebecca Cochran Berry College
5- Karen Laubauch- Redlands College
6- Nellie Anderson- Cal Poly Pomona
7- Christina Jardetzky Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Class 4 Team Intermediate Horsemanship
1-Sage Hanner West Texas A&M
2- Savannah Runnells Findlay
3- Meghan Moriarty Morrisville
4- Morgan Arrington- Mount Holyoke
5- Lynn Cherry- Berry College
6- Roxy Raye- Cal Poly SanLuis Obispo
7- Kelsey Roderique Arizona State
8- Danae Phillips Morehead State

Class 3 Individual Open Horsemanship
1- Ashley Frappier Findlay
2- Addie Davis West Texas A&M
3- Cody Howard Morehead State
4- Catherine Howland Morrisville
5- Marissa Gard Akron
6- Britta Jackson Louisville
7- Brooke Wodrig Mount Holyoke
8- Christa Forsberg West Texas A&M

Class 8 Team Advanced HMS
1- Jared Deatrick- Findlay
2- Amy Mitchem- West Texas A&M
3- Emily Murch- Mount Holyoke
4- LisaBeth Clanton- Cal Poly SanLuis Obispo
5- Emily Mullins- Morehead state
6- Nicole Blanton- Morrisville
7- Rebecca Simpson- Arizona State
8- DQ

Class 7 Individual Beginner HMS
1- Jessica Read- West Texas A&M
2- Nick Duncan- Findlay
3- Lindsey McNeill- West Texas A&M
4- Tiffani Bennethum- Bowling Green State University
5- Eleni Ingalls- SUNNY-Cobleskill
6- Jamie Amezquita- Cal Poly Pomona
7- Kamilla Dynia- Connecticut
8- Alex Raftopoulos- University of Massachusetts

Class 6 Team Open HMS
1- Jarrod Bush- Findlay
2- Andrea Smith Berry College
3- Julia Roberts- West Texas A&M
4- Cody Howard- Morehead state
5- Krista McNaughton- Arizona State
6- Mia Mendola- Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
7- Brooke Wodrig- Mount Holyoke
8- Catherine Howland- Morrisville

Class 5 Individual Advanced HMS
1- Madison Hallas- Findlay
2- Kaitlin LeBlanc- Findlay
3- Julia Roberts- West Texas A&M
4- Brian Buchanan- Sacred Heart
5- Evan Torney- Kentucky
6- Elizabeth Scott- Morrisville
7- Katelynn McEachin- U of California, Davis
8- Laura Benard- Stanford University

Class 9 Team Reining
1- Bekah Irish- Findlay
2- Catherine Howland- Morrisville
3- Kristen Liesman- West Texas A&M
4- Cody Howard- Morehead State
5- Andrea Smith- Berry College
6- Christy SanLuis Obispo
7- Brooke Woodrig- Mount Holyoke
8- Krista McNaughton- Arizona State

Class 10- Alumni HMS
1- Megan Cater- Kenkucky
2- Alison Dittman- Tiffin
3- Kara Curpier SUNY-Cobleskill
4- Lee Levine- SUNY-Cobleskill
5- Lauren Allen- North Georgia
6- Laura Karrer- Midway College
7- Elizabeth Buskey- Tiffin
8- Kristy Stengard- Georgia Tech

Class 12 Alumni Horsemanship
1- Megan Carter- Kentucky
2- DQ

Class 11 Individual Intermediate HMS
1- Abbie Bates- Findlay
2- Paige Frevert- West Texas A&M
3- Audra Head- West Texas A&M
4- Amy Meyer- Morrisville
5- Fallon Jackson- Kentucky
6- Jennifer Solter- Connecticut
7- Kelly Hunter- Morrisville
8- Ariel Robelen- Berry College

Class 13 Team Beginner HMS
1- Talon Archable- Findlay
2- Emily Almqist- West Texas A&M
3- Jessica Richard- Morehead State
4- Jennifer Brawley- Cal Pol SanLuis Obispo
5- Maneh Kotikian- Mount Holyoke
6- Danielle Adler- Arizona State
7- Jessica Gilchrist- Morrisville
8- Samantha Brown- Berry College

Class 14 Team Novice
1- Cecilia Shields-Auble
2- Paige Frevert- West Texas A&M
3- Tara Baugher- Findlay
4- Christine Kawalek- Morehead State
5- Kelly Hunter- Morrisville
6- Ashley Schmit- Arizona State
7- Zoe Inglis- Cal Poly Pomona
8- Leslie Whip- Mount Holyoke

Overall Team results
1st- University of Findlay
2nd- West Texas A&M
3rd-  Berry College
4th- Morehead State
5th- Morrisville College
6th- Cal Poly SanLuis
7th- Mount Holyoke
8th- Arizona State