Oilers Qualify 10 for the Semifinals

Oilers Qualify 10 for the Semifinals

The Oilers had ten riders qualify for the semifinals at the regional competition, which was hosted by The University of Findlay over the weekend.  Six riders will also take part in team competition at the event in California on March 23-24.

In addition, Findlay will also be sending Ashley Winters, the High Point Rider in the region, to the National Competition in May to show in the AQHA High Point Rider Competition. 

The top two placers in each class qualified for the semifinals and are listed below:

Open Reining:

1st - Bekah Irish (UF)

2nd - Callie Paul (UF)

3rd - Morgan Parcher (UF)

4th - Ashley Winters (UF)

5th - Kaitlin LeBlanc (UF)

6th - Elizabeth Hayes (UF)

Open Horsemanship:

1st - Ashley Winters (UF)

2nd - Alex Belconis (LEC)

3rd - Katilin LeBlanc (UF)

4th - Cassie Norris (UF)

5th - Misha Phillips (UF)

6th - Elizabeth Hayes (UF)

Advanced Horsemanship:

1st - Jared Deatrick (UF)

2nd - Melissa McDonald (UF)

3rd  - Emily Caplinger (UF)

4th – Emma Bates (UF)

5th – Maddie Oldenburg (UF)

6th – Nina Gentner (UF)

Novice Horsemanship:

1st - Katie Davis (UF)

2nd - Sidney Keller (UF)

3rd  - Shelby McCoy (LEC)

4th – Abby Bates (UF)

5th – Kayla Hoody (UF)

6th – Devin Aragona (UF)

Intermediate Horsemanship:

1st - Zac Brown (UF)

2nd - Erika Druker (UF)

3rd  - Meredith Kovener (UF)

4th – Savannah Runnells (UF)

5th – Jennifer Somelofski (UF)

6th – Kristina Schnieder (UF)

Beginner Horsemanship:

1st - Tori Trbovich (UF)

2nd - Nicole Bruck (TU)

3rd - Olivia Pence (UA)

4th – Susan Shiley (UF)

5th – Beth Heide (UF)

6th – Talon Archable (UF)

Alumni Horsemanship

1st – Holly Snyder

2nd – TJ Schauer

Alumni Reining

1st – Holly Snyder

The Oilers have been named the high point team in eight out of nine competitions this year and are sitting comfortably as the top team in the region.