Western Equestrian Complete 1st Day at Semifinals

Western Equestrian Complete 1st Day at Semifinals

The University of Findlay western equestrian team is currently competing at the national semifinal competition, which completed the first day on March 23 in Pomona, Calif.  Th event will continue tomorrow.

Saturday March 23rd – Completed Classes (moving onto Nationals)

Individual Advanced Horsemanship

1stMelissa McDonald

2ndJared Deatrick

Individual Intermediate Horsemanship

1stErika Druker

2ndZac Brown

Individual Open Reining

1stBekah Irish

5thCallie Paul

Individual Novice Horsemanship

4thKatie Davis

5thSidney Keller

Team Advanced Horsemanship

6thMakena Lawrence

Team Intermediate Horsemanship

2nd – Ali Gokey

Team Beginner Horsemanship

3rd – Emily Schafer

Overall Team Standings

West Texas A & M University – 21 Points

University of Findlay – 10 Points

Oregon State – 9 Points

Cal Poly Ponoma– 8 Points

Black Hawk College – 8 Points

Alfred University – 6 Points

Mount Holyoke – 4 Points

Florida State – 0 Points