Western Wins 2 More Shows

The University of Findlay western equestrian team won a pair of shows on Nov. 16, scoring 29 points in the first and 36 in the second.

Tiffin University was the runner-up in the first show with 16 points while Bowling Green State University was second in the final show of the day with 19 points.

Josh Clevenger was the high point rider in the first show with Jared Deatrick taking home the same honor in the second.

Erika Druker and Elizabeth Hayes took home reserve honors in the first show with Clevenger claiming the honor in the final show.

All Findlay Placings


Class 1 Open Reining secA

1-Ashley Winters
2-Josh Clevenger
3-Elizabeth Hayes
4- Holly Phillips
5-Erika Druker
6-Kaitlin LeBlanc

Class 2 Open Horsemanship SecA

1-Melissa McDonald
2-Maddy Oldenburg
4-Carrie Sommerville
5-Emma Bates
6-Holly Phillips

Class 3 Open Horsemanship secB

1-Morgan Parcher
2-Josh Clevenger
3-Emily Caplinger
4-Erika Druker
5-Kaitlin LeBlanc
6-Elizabeth Hayes

Class 4 Advanced Horsemanship secA

1-Tory Couch
4-Abbie Bates

Class 5 Advanced Horsemanship secB

1-Sidney Keller
2- Katharynn Jaciuk
3-Sydney Alley

Class 6 Advanced Horsemanship secC

1-Marissa Phillips
3-Lexi Hulen

Class 7Novice Horsemanship secA

1-Christina Brantner
3-Stacie Recker

Class 8 Novice Horsemanship secB

1-Shelby Rasnake
2-Meredeith Kovener
3-Savannah Runnells
6-Lauren Martin

Class 9 Novice Horsemanship secC

1-Lauren Hasl
2- Kristina Schneider
3-Zac Brown

Class 10 Int II Horsemanship secA

1-Holly Laker

Class 11 Int II Horsemanship secB

1-Sara Fleckenstein

Class 12 Int II Horsemanship secC

1-Mackenzie Ocock

Class 13 Int II horsemanship secD

1-Sarah Shedd
3-Elise Sheard

Class 14 Int I Horsemanship secA

1-Julia Latshaw
5-Mollie Bockode

Class 15 Int I Horsemanship secB

1-Emily Shaefer
2-Monica Theisen

Class 16 Beginner Horsemanship secA

1-Kristin Roessner
2-Joe Collum

Class 17 Beginner Horsemanship secB

1-Rachel Grismore
2-Jasmine Wenr

Class 18 Beginner Horsemanship secC

1-Lindsay Testerman


Class 1 Beginner Horsemanship secA

1-Rachel Grismore
2-Lindsay Testerman

Class 2 Beginner Horsemanship secB

3-Joe Collum

Class 3 Beginner Horsemanship secC

1-Kristin Roessner
2-Jasmine Wer

Class 4 Int I Horsemanship secA

4-Mollie Bockode

Class 5 Int I Horsemanship secB

1-Emily Shaefer
2-Julia Latshaw

Class 7 Int II Horsemanship secB

1-Ali Gokey
2-Monica Theison

Class 8 Int II Horsemanship secC

Laura Bailey

Class 9 Int II Horsemanship secD

1-Shannon Bess
4-Catherine Kramp

Class 10 Novice Horsemanship secA

1-Alyssa Marzilli
2-Lauren Hasl
4-Lauren Martin
5-Meredith Kovener

Class 11 Novice Horsemanship secB

1-Kristina Schneider
4-Zac Brown

Class 12 Novice Horsemanship secC

1-Christina Brantner
2-Stacie Recker
5-Shelby Rasnake

Class 13 Advanced Horsemanship secA

1-Sidney Keller
3-Tory Couch
6-Lexi Hulen

Class 14 Advanced Horsemanship secB

1-Marissa Phillips
2-Savannah Runnells

Class 15 Advanced Horsemanship secC

1-Abbie Bates
2-Katharynne Jaciuk

Class 16 Open Horsemanship secA

1-Jared Deatrick
2-Erika Druker
3-Josh Clevenger
4-Emma Bates
5-Sara Ruevers
6-Maddy Oldenburg

Class 17 Open Horsemanship secB

1-Melissa McDonald
2-Emily Caplinger
3-Kaitlin LeBlanc
5-Holly Phillips
6-Makena Lawrence

Class 18 Open Reining secA

1-Ashley Winters
2-Josh Clevenger
3-Jared Deatrick
4-Erika Druker
5-Holly Phillips
6-Elizabeth Hayes