Western Equestrian Wins Semis, Heads to Nationals

Western Equestrian Wins Semis, Heads to Nationals

The University of Findlay western equestrian team finished first at the IHSA semifinals, which concluded on Sunday, March 30 in Findlay, Ohio.  The Oilers scored a team total of 33 points to take the crown and will now move onto the national championship, which is scheduled to be held on May 1-4 in Harrisburg, Pa.

Team Standings

1. Findlay – 33
2. Berry – 27
3. Nebraska – 23
4. Oregon State – 11
4. Morrisville State – 11
4. Mt. Holyoke – 11
7. Black Hawk – 10
8. Kentucky – 6
9. Centenary – 0

In addition to the Oilers competing in team competition at nationals, they had many others qualify in individual classes. To qualify for the national championship, a rider must finish in the top four of their class. The riders who qualified for Findlay are highlighted below along with the individual results.

Individual Open Western Horsemanship
1. Allison Board, University of Kentucky
2. Elizabeth Poczubut, Berry College
3. Kaitlin LeBlanc, University of Findlay
4. Courtney Komjathy, Morrisville State College

Individual Novice Western Horsemanship
1. Kristina Schneider, University of Findlay
2. Caitlin Johnson, Western Washington University
3. Ashley Hansen, Black Hawk College
4. Fallon Jackson, University of Kentucky

Individual Beginner Western Horsemanship
1. Jolie Fu, Mount Holyoke College
2. Emily Schaefer, University of Findlay
3. Gabi Schuler, Black Hawk College
4. Sarah Warner, University of Nebraska  

Individual Advanced Western Horsemanship
1. Elizabeth Ellis, Berry College
2. MacKenna Patterson, University of Connecticut
3. Bailey Forester, Northeast Oklahoma A & M College
4. Michelle Holman, Tiffin University

Alumni Western Horsemanship
1. Megan Carter, University of Kentucky
2. Rebecca Folk, Lafayette College
3. Laura Karrer, Midway College
4. Lea Hoover, Oregon State University

Alumni Reining
1. Jennifer Taylor, Arcadia University
2. Lea Hoover, Midway College
3. Alexis Plavocos, Bucks County Community College
4. Megan Carter, University of Kentucky

Individual Intermediate Western Horsemanship
1. Alexandria Gokey, University of Findlay
2. Samantha Brown, Berry College
3. Jamie Mueller, Black Hawk College
4. Mary Straub, Black Hawk College

Individual Open Reining
1. Ashley Winters, University of Findlay
2. Jared Deatrick, University of Findlay

3. Leah DiGioia, State University of New York at Cobleskill
4. Emily Honey, Oregon State University

Team Novice Western Horsemanship
1. Sarah Shedd, University of Findlay
2. Erin McNabb, Oregon State University
3. Rebecca Baker, Mount Holyoke College
4.Samantha Brown. Berry College

Team Beginner Western Horsemanship
1. Taylor Eickoff, Berry College
2. Marcella Welch, Morrisville State College
3. Priscilla Kang, Mount Holyoke College
4. Lindsay Testerman, University of Findlay

Team Open Western Horsemanship
1. Breanna Grebin, Black Hawk College
2. Katrina Quick, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
3. Melissa McDonald, University of Findlay
4. Andrea Smith, Berry College

Team Advanced Western Horsemanship
1. Marissa Phillips, University of Findlay
2. Cecilia Sheilds-Auble, Berry College
3. Blake Preston, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
4. Nicolle Pulcher-Guzek, Morrisville State College

Team Intermediate Western Horsemanship
1. Laura Bailey, University of Findlay
2. Kellsie Knolin, Berry College
3. Molly Gruener, University of Nebraska
4. Kendall Brittan, Oregon State University

Team Open Reining
1. Kallie Kayton, University of Nebraska
2. Josh Clevenger, University of Findlay
3. Andrea Smith, Berry College
4. Emily Honey, Oregon State University