Oilers Win 2 Shows on Saturday

The University of Findlay western equestrian team won a pair of shows on Jan. 24 during their IHSA home contest.

The Oilers recorded 28 points in the first show with Tiffin University scoring 20 points to take home reserve honors. Findlay then recorded 32 points in the second show and Tiffin once again captured reserve champion status with 21 points.


Open Horsemanship

Abbie Bates 1st (am)
Josh Clevenger 3rd (am), 5th (pm)
Savanah Floyd 2nd (am), 6th (pm
Elizabeth Hayes 5th (am) , 5th (pm)
Holly Phillips 5th (am), 1st (pm)
Marissa Phillips 2nd(am), 1st (pm)
Savannah Runnels 4th (pm)
Kristina Schneider 3rd (pm)
Carrie Sommerville 4th (am), 2nd (pm)
Ashley Winters 1st (am), 2(pm)


Ashley Winters 5th (am), 2nd (pm)
Carrie Sommerville 3rd (am)
Holly Phillips 6th (am)
Elizabeth Hayes 1st (am), 6th (pm)
Ann Friders 4th (am), 3rd (pm)
Josh Clevenger 2nd (am), 1st (pm)


Christina Brantner 2nd (am)
Alexandra Gokey 1st (pm)
Lauren Hasel 6th (am)
Hannah Heddrick 4th (am), 4th (pm)
Beth Heide 5th (pm)
Katie Jaciuk 5th (am) 4th (pm)
Meredith Kovener 2nd (am) 1st (pm)
Alyssa Marzilli 3rd (am)
Savannah Runnels 1st (am)
Kristina Schneider 1st (am)
Sarah Shedd 2nd (pm)
Rochelle Wilkinson 4th (am), 5th (pm)
Lizzy Wisma 4th (pm), 2nd (pm)


Grace Tachikawa 5th(am), 5th (pm)
Sarah Shedd 1st (am)
Elise Sheard 5th (am), 1st (pm)
Emily Scheafer 4th (am)
Mackenzie O'Cock 2nd (am) 2nd (pm)
Beth Heide 1st (am)
Aubrey Davis 3rd (am) 5th (pm)
Shannon Bess 3rd (am) 3rd (pm)
Lauren Martin 4th (am), 1st (pm)


Ty Aleshouse 2nd (am), 1st (pm)
Kayla Harris 1st (am), 4th (pm)
Ashley Kimmet 1st (am) 1st (pm)
Kristen Roessner 2nd (am) 1st (pm)
Lindsay Testerman 1st (am)
Marion Vielmetti 2nd (am )2nd (pm)
Kirby Weirda 2nd (am). 3rd (pm)
Haley Bok 1st (am), 1st (pm)


Alli Pellerito 3rd (am), 3rd (pm)
Erin Mott 3rd (am) 5th (pm)
Katelyn Lundquist 2nd (pm)
Katie Ladd 2nd (am) 1st (pm)