Western Equestrian Wins 2 More

The University of Findlay western equestrian team won a pair of shows on Nov. 7. In the morning show, three UF riders tied for high point rider. Senior Elizabeth Hayes, junior Makayla Macieweski and freshman Kayla Magrum all received 12 points winning them the title. In the afternoon, senior Elizabeth Hayes was high point rider and junior Makayla Macieweski was reserve champion.

Open Reining:  

Ann Frieders-1st, 5th

Elizabeth Hayes-1st, 1st

Makayla Maciejewski- 2nd   , 1st

Kayla Magrum- 2nd , 4th

Holly Phillips- 4th , 4th

Marissa Phillips- 3rd , 3rd

Kristina Schneider- 3rd , 3rd


Hannah Heddrick- 2nd , 4th

Makayla Maciejewski- 1st , 2nd

Kayla Magrum-1st 3rd

Holly Phillips- 3rd, 3rd

Marissa Phillips- 1st, 3rd

Kristina Schneider- 3rd, 1st

Meredith Kovener – 5th

Elizabeth Hayes 2nd, 1st


Lauren Hasl- 1st

Lauren Martin- 2nd, 2nd

Alyssa Marzilli- 1st, 3rd

Sarah Shedd- 2nd

Rochelle Wilkinson-3rd

Lizzy Wisma- 4th

Mackenzie O'Cock- 4th , 1st

Aleeha Krupa – 3rd , 1st


Hailey Bok- 1st , 3rd

Aubrey Davis- 2nd ,3rd  

Kayla Harris –2nd , 6th

Hailey O-O- 3rd , 2nd

Julia Roshelli- 1st , 2nd

Emily Schafer- 4th , 4th

Elise Sheard-  1st , 1st

Kirby Weirda- 2nd , 3rd

Emma Willeke- 1st , 1st

Brandon Morin 2nd

Intermediate 2

Tye Alleshouse- 1st

Casey Bates-  1st , 5th

Erica Frantz- 1st, 3rd

Kristen Roessner-  3rd , 1st

Hailey Sebastyn-   1st 3rd

Lindsay Testerman- 1st

Dylan Waaland – 3rd , 6th

Amber Myer – 2nd , 1st

Leesa Rogers – 3rd , 2nd

Annika Belt – 2nd , 1st

Intermediate 1

Rachel Grismore- 1st , 4th

Erin Mott – 3rd, 2nd

Katie Ladd – 6th ,4th

Walk/ Trot

Megan Dulle-1st ,

Allie Pellerito- 1st

Jewel Randolph- 2nd , 2nd

Tea Hurst- 2nd , 5th

Kenedi McCoy – 1st , 2nd

Shelby Carr – 3rd , 3rd

Shannnon Odette – 5th , 3rd