Oilers Win Tournament of Champions

Oilers Win Tournament of Champions

On Saturday, January 21 the Oilers English equestrian team competed at the 25th Annual Tournament of Champions Winter Classic, their first competition of the Spring 2017 season.  This invitation only event included 15 teams from across the country, all currently ranked in first place in their designated regions. 

The Oilers started the day strong and never looked back.  The Open Equitation Over Fences class saw junior, Marco Polo Uchoa finish 3rd in one of the most competitive collegiate classes.  The Open Equitation on the Flat saw sophomore Alyssa Simin also take the 3rd place spot.

Next, the Intermediate Equitation Over Fences class, saw senior Alexa Murray claim 1st place and the blue ribbon.  Junior, Peter Patch, rode his way to a 6th place finish in the highly competitive Intermediate Equitation on the Flat class.

Continuing a strong breakout season, freshmen Breanna Hertz did not disappoint, with a 2nd place finish in her Novice Equitation on the Flat class, as well as a 3rd place in the Novice Equitation Over Fences respectfully.

The Oilers rounded out their day with another pair of top two placings.  The Walk/Trot/Canter Equitation on the Flat class saw sophomore Jessie Hood ride away in 2nd, and freshmen Madison Schloemer claimed her second Tournament of Champion win, with a blue ribbon in the Walk Trot Equitation on the Flat.

When all was said and done, and the last team points went up on the board, the walked away with a grand total of 37 team points, 5 points more than the next closest team and the title of Tournament of Champions Winter Classic I Highpoint Team.

Seniors Elle Brady and Alexa Murray competed in the Tournament of Champions Collegiate High and Low Medal classes, where both girls walked away with Reserve High Point honors, in two very competitive classes, which saw 20 competitors compete in both a flat and over fences phase, for an overall placing. 

Tournament of Champions Collegiate High Medal

Champion- Nick Martino - Emory & Henry

Reserve Champion- Elle Brady - The University of Findlay

3rd- Tatum Tatreau - Savannah College of Art and Design

4th- Blair Allan - Delaware Valley University

5th- Clare Bornstein - Boston University

6th- Kendall Burdette - Liberty University 

7th- Samantha Van Winter - Bridgewater College 

8th- Alle Plantanitis - Mt. Holyoke College

9th- Zellie Wothers - Bridgewater College

10th- Erica Hamilton - East Carolina University

Tournament of Champions Collegiate Low Medal

Champion- Tess Mroczka - Savannah College of Art and Design

Reserve Champion- Alexa Murray - The University of Findlay 

3rd- Emily Wilmot - Delaware Valley University

4th- Katie Groomes - Pennsylvania State University 

5th- Katie Maharis - Emory & Henry

6th- Katelyn Dugan - Bridgewater College 

7th- Caroline Biggs - Vanderbilt University 

8th- Megan Heffernan - Bridgewater College

9th- Alexis Martin - Delaware Valley University

10th- Amber Gayheart - Liberty University 

Tournament of Champions Winter Classic Overall Team Results

High Point Team - The University of Findlay - 37 points

Reserve Highpoint Team - Bridgewater College Gold Team - 32 points

3rd - Savannah College of Art and Design Gold Team- 32 points 

4th - Emory and Henry - 31 points 

5th - Mount Holyoke College - 30 points

6th - Delaware Valley University - 28 points

7th - Pennsylvania State University Blue - 27 points 

8th - Bridgewater College Crimson Team - 26 points 

9th - Savannah College of Art and Design Black Team - 21 points 

10th - East Carolina University - 21 points 

11th - Boston University - 19 points

12th - Liberty University - 19 points

13th - Vanderbilt University - 12 points

14th - University of Delaware - 9 points 

15th - Pennsylvania State University White Team - 9 points