Oilers Earn Reserve Honors

Oilers Earn Reserve Honors

On Saturday, October 7th, the University of Findlay English IHSA team hosted eleven colleges for the first competition of the regular season in IHSA Zone 6 Region 1.  University of Findlay finished the day as reserve champion with a total of 28 team points.  A special congratulations to sophomore Madison Schloemer, who qualified for Regionals in the Walk/Trot Equitation. Another congratulations to senior Katie Holt, who received Reserve Highpoint Rider honors for the show.

Open Equitation Over Fences

Katie Holt 1st

Melanie McCaffrey 3rd

Intermediate Equitation Over Fences

Alyssa Simin 2nd

Emma Sturtecky 3rd

Coleton Cook 5th

Peter Patch 5th

Novice Equitation Over Fences

Alexis Helhoski 1st

Meghan Moran 1st

Kaylyn Cole 2nd

Mackenzie Barnes 3rd

Olivia Pecharka 3rd

Open Equitation on the Flat

Payton McClintock 1st

Marco Uchoa 3rd

Melanie McCaffrey 4th

Alyssa Simin 5th

Sydney Barnett 5th

Peter Patch 6th

Madison Abercrombie 6th

Intermediate Equitation on the Flat

Madeline Green 1st

Chloe Johnson 1st

Mackenzie Barnes 3rd

Katie Holt 3rd

Novice Equitation on the Flat

Coleton Cook 1st

Thomas Meserole 1st

Gwen Stromdahl 1st

Alexa Sendro 2nd

Stephanie Radloff 5th

Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter

Samantha Matatall 1st

Samantha Gourley 1st

Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter

Tatum Wagner 1st


Madison Schloemer 1st

Jane Swanton 1st

Sarah Borgelt 2nd

Final Team Points/Placings

1st - Highpoint Team - Lake Erie College - 33

2nd - Reserve Highpoint Team - University of Findlay - 28

3rd - Kenyon College - 22

4th - Tiffin University - 21

5th - University of Toledo - 17

5th - Kent State University - 17

7th - Oberlin Colege - 15

8th - Bowling Green State University - 8

9th - University of Akron - 2

9th - Thiel College - 2

11th - College of Wooster - 0