Oilers Compete at Tampa

Oilers Compete at Tampa


The University of Findlay men and women's swimming teams competed at the Tampa Relays on Jan. 7 in Tampa, Fla. The women took third place with 82 points while the men were fourth with 44 points.

The group was led by the women's 400-yard medley relay team of Meri Cizmar, Hanna Cederholm, Katherine Kouvaris and Amanda Stiegal, who took second in their event with a time of 4:12.63.

The women's team also had six other relay teams take the bronze in their respective events. The teams are listed below:

3x100-yard backstroke – Meri Cizmar, Kathryn Samuelson, Emma Barnes (3:07.43)

3x100-yard breaststroke – Hanna Cederholm, Julia Snell, Alyssa Sauter (3:31.76)

800-yard freestyle – Amanda Stiegal, Katherine Kouvaris, Brittany Menzer, Emma Barnes (8:28.05)

500-yard crescendo – Brittany Borzych, Lauren Blanchard, Jenna Dasher, Julia Snell (5:08.50)

8x50-yard freestyle – Lauren Blanchard, Kathryn Samuelson, Julia Snell, Emma Barnes (3:19.82)

400-yard IM relay – Meri Cizmar, Hanna Cederholm, Emma Barnes, Julia Snell (4:26.85)

The men's team had five relay teams take fourth place in their respective events to lead the way. The teams are listed below:

3x100-yard butterfly – Janko Radmanovic, Conner Whitaker, Tucker Stocker (2:43.15)

800-yard freestyle – Janko Radmanovic, Gerard Niermann, Nick Kaftan, Tucker Stocker (7:34.12)

400-yard medley – Trae Gulgin, Isaac Stretch, Conner Whitaker, Nick Kaftan (3:52.40)

8x50-yard freestyle – Janko Radmanovic, Cody Craig, Kaleb Brown, Adam Stretch (3:09.41)

3x166-yard snarf – Nathan Ladetto, Alex Matthews, Janko Radmanovic (5:23.78)

The Oilers will return to the pool again on Jan. 13 at Wayne State in Detroit, Mich.