Roughnecks Perform at NWCA Duals

Roughnecks Perform at NWCA Duals

Fort Wayne, Ind. - The University of Findlay wrestling team traveled to one of their biggest events of the season as they went to the NWCA Multi-Divisional National Duals for a two-day event that began on Friday, Jan. 8. This meet featured 72 teams from all levels of NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA colleges and universities.

In the first matchup, the Roughnecks were pitted up against Maryville University, the number one team in the country in NCAA DII wrestling. The Saints have wrestlers ranked in the top eight nationally in six weight classes. Findlay entered the event as the 12th ranked team in the nation. The Roughnecks were unable to score in this matchup as they were defeated 38-0.

Findlay's first consolation match resulted in victory for the Orange and Black as they took down Wheeling Jesuit University, the 14th ranked team in the country, by a score of 19-15.

The Roughnecks ended the day against Lake Erie College and fell in that match by a final of 27-14. Lake Erie is ranked ninth in DII.

Sophomore Ryan Skonieczny, who entered the event as the region's number four at 141 pounds, led Findlay with his 2-1 record that included two major decisions.

At 149 pounds, Nick Goebel also finished the day with a 2-1 record. The nation's number one at 149 pounds had one major decision on the day, a 12-0 victory over Nick Boggs of Lake Erie.

Junior Gerald Beck turned in one of his best performances of the season and went 2-1 on the day. One of those victories was by fall at the 2:55 mark in his match vs. Evan Loughman of Lake Erie.

The Roughnecks were knocked out of the tournament and will be back in action on Saturday, Jan. 16 when they travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin for the Ranger Duals.

Match #1 Champ. Round 1: Maryville University defeated Findlay 38-0

125 - Jaret Singh (Maryville University) over Mike Stewart (Findlay) Dec 8-3
133 - Dakota Bauer (Maryville University) over Devin Rogers (Findlay) Dec 10-6
141 - Nate Rodriguez (Maryville University) over Ryan Skonieczny (Findlay) Fall 2:15
149 - John Hagerty (Maryville University) over Nic Goebel (Findlay) Dec 3-1
157 - Greg Hegarty (Maryville University) over Joey White (Findlay) Dec 2-0
165 - Dimitri Willis (Maryville University) over Nicholas Skonieczny (Findlay) Dec 3-1
174 - Travis Lang (Maryville University) over Alonzo Turner (Findlay) Dec 4-0
184 - Nick Burghardt (Maryville University) over Randy Caris (Findlay) SV-1 7-5
197 - Ryan Beltz (Maryville University) over Dalton Ishmal (Findlay) TF 17-0
285 - Donnell Walker (Maryville University) over Gerald Beck (Findlay) Fall 5:00

Match #2 Cons. Round 1: Findlay defeated Wheeling Jesuit University 19-15
125 - Dustin Warner (Wheeling Jesuit University) over Mike Stewart (Findlay) Fall 1:22
133 - Nolan Whitely (Wheeling Jesuit University) over Devin Rogers (Findlay) Dec 10-6
141 - Ryan Skonieczny (Findlay) over Damon Outward (Wheeling Jesuit University) Maj 16-5
149 - Nic Goebel (Findlay) over Dominick Nania (Wheeling Jesuit University) Dec 6-4
157 - Joey White (Findlay) over Reyse Wallbrown (Wheeling Jesuit University) Dec 5-2
165 - Nicholas Skonieczny (Findlay) over Peyton Geary (Wheeling Jesuit University) Dec 12-5
174 - Keegan Driscoll (Wheeling Jesuit University) over Alonzo Turner (Findlay) Dec 6-4
184 - Randy Caris (Findlay) over Nate Starkey (Wheeling Jesuit University) Dec 13-8
197 - Terrance Fanning (Wheeling Jesuit University) over Dalton Ishmal (Findlay) Dec 10-3
285 - Gerald Beck (Findlay) over Corey Siegfried (Wheeling Jesuit University) SV-1 4-3

Match #3 Cons. Round 2: Lake Erie College defeated Findlay 27-14
125 - Forrest Glogouski (Lake Erie College) over Mike Stewart (Findlay) Dec 10-4
133 - Austin Gillihan (Lake Erie College) over Devin Rogers (Findlay) Fall 0:59
141 - Ryan Skonieczny (Findlay) over Alec Benedetti (Lake Erie College) Maj 14-5
149 - Nic Goebel (Findlay) over Nick Boggs (Lake Erie College) Maj 12-0
157 - Christian Baughman (Lake Erie College) over Joey White (Findlay) Dec 3-1
165 - Mathew Vandermeer (Lake Erie College) over Nicholas Skonieczny (Findlay) Dec 1-0
174 - Nick Vandermeer (Lake Erie College) over Alonzo Turner (Findlay) Dec 2-0
184 - Tyler Hughes (Lake Erie College) over Randy Caris (Findlay) SV-1 4-2
197 - Evan Rosborough (Lake Erie College) over Dalton Ishmal (Findlay) Fall 3:31
285 - Gerald Beck (Findlay) over Evan Loughman (Lake Erie College) Fall 2:55