Roughnecks Finish Super Region 2 Duals 4-1

Roughnecks Finish Super Region 2 Duals 4-1

Hartsville, SC – The University of Findlay wrestling team competed on the second day of the Super Region 2 Duals in Hartsville, South Carolina on the campus of Coker College on Jan. 30. After going 2-0 on the first day of competition, the Roughnecks defeated UNC Pembroke 27-12, lost to wrestling powerhouse, Newberry by a score of 32-8, and ended the weekend with a 40-0 shutout of Limestone.

Junior Nick Goebel, the nation's number one at 149 pounds, won all three of his Saturday matches and ended the tournament with a perfect 5-0 record. His best score of the day came in his matchup with Zach Dobbins of Newberry. Goebel won that match by technical fall, 16-0.

Freshman Alonzo Turner had a fantastic weekend as he won all three of his Saturday matches and finished the two-day event with five wins and no losses. He showed grit on the second day of competition as all of his matches were decided by three points or less.

Ending the tournament with 4-1 records were sophomore Ryan Skonieczny and junior Jordan Cowell.

The Roughnecks are back on the mats this coming Wednesday, Feb. 3 when they host Ashland University.


Match #3 Round 3: Findlay defeated UNC Pembroke 27-12
125 - Josh Brown (UNC Pembroke) over Mike Stewart (Findlay) Dec 7-5
133 - Devin Rogers (Findlay) over Dustin Smith (UNC Pembroke) Dec 7-3
141 - Ryan Skonieczny (Findlay) over Ryan Blackwell (UNC Pembroke) TF 25-9
149 - Nic Goebel (Findlay) over Eric Milks (UNC Pembroke) Maj 13-4
157 - Joey White (Findlay) over Hayden Fry (UNC Pembroke) Dec 12-6
165 - Jordan Cowell (Findlay) over Joe Remaklus (UNC Pembroke) Dec 7-4
174 - Alonzo Turner (Findlay) over Blaze Shade (UNC Pembroke) Dec 5-3
184 - Mikey Thomas (UNC Pembroke) over Randy Caris (Findlay) Dec 4-3
197 - Dalton Ishmal (Findlay) over Faris Teia (UNC Pembroke) Fall 1:48
285 - Stuart Nadeau (UNC Pembroke) over Gerald Beck (Findlay) Fall 1:31

Match #4 Round 4: Newberry defeated Findlay 32-8
125 - Trung Duong (Newberry) over Mike Stewart (Findlay) Maj 14-1
133 - Jordan Simpson (Newberry) over Schuyler Phillips (Findlay) Maj 14-1
141 - Nick Lankford (Newberry) over Ryan Skonieczny (Findlay) Dec 9-6
149 - Nic Goebel (Findlay) over Zach Dobbins (Newberry) TF 16-0
157 - Alex Rice (Newberry) over Joey White (Findlay) Dec 7-3
165 - Lukas Gilmore (Newberry) over Jordan Cowell (Findlay) TF 18-2
174 - Alonzo Turner (Findlay) over Dennis Flores (Newberry) Dec 3-2
184 - Huston Evans (Newberry) over Randy Caris (Findlay) Fall 6:50
197 - Cody Brundage (Newberry) over Dalton Ishmal (Findlay) Maj 13-4
285 - Mike Kennedy (Newberry) over Luke Fleming (Findlay) Dec 3-2

Match #5 Round 5: Findlay defeated Limestone 40-0
125 - Mike Stewart (Findlay) over Kyle Lowe (Limestone) Dec 2-0
133 - Devin Rogers (Findlay) over Christopher Diaz Rivera (Limestone) Maj 16-2
141 - Ryan Skonieczny (Findlay) over Ross Benzel (Limestone) Dec 9-5
149 - Nic Goebel (Findlay) over Danny Soares (Limestone) TF 16-0
157 - Joey White (Findlay) over Parker Grizzle (Limestone) Maj 13-2
165 - Jordan Cowell (Findlay) over Michael Mota (Limestone) Dec 7-6
174 - Alonzo Turner (Findlay) over Ed Wilson (Limestone) Dec 6-3
184 - Randy Caris (Findlay) over Raekwon Reggler (Limestone) Dec 4-0
197 - Dalton Ishmal (Findlay) over Matthew Rudy (Limestone) Fall 1:42
285 - Cody Hogston (Findlay) over Christopher Sayers (Limestone) Fall 2:53