Chargers Defeat Oilers 7-2 on Sunday

Chargers Defeat Oilers 7-2 on Sunday

The University of Findlay women's tennis team fell 7-2 against Hillsdale College on Sep. 13 in Hillsdale, Mich. The loss gives the Oilers a 0-4 record on the season with a 0-4 mark in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC).

Tijana Raicevic was responsible for both victories as she claimed a 6-2, 6-2 win over in #2 singles action and an 8-6 win in #1 singles competition. She earned her doubles victory by teaming with Sheridan McLean.

The Oilers will return to the court again on Sep. 19 when they host Ashland University. The match is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. at the Armstrong Sports Complex.

Singles competition

1. Halle Hyman (HCW) def. Matina Matic (UFW) 6-3, 6-4

2. Tijana Raicevic (UFW) def. Dana Grace Buck (HCW) 6-2, 6-2

3. Lindsay Peirce (HCW) def. Viktoriya Shkola (UFW) 6-2, 6-3

4. Sydney Delp (HCW) def. Sheridan McLean (UFW) 6-2, 6-3

5. Corinne Prost (HCW) def. Anna Foreman (UFW) 6-1, 6-2

6. Madeline Bissett (HCW) def. Kymberlyn Warner (UFW) 6-0, 6-1

Doubles competition

1. Tijana Raicevic/Sheridan McLean (UFW) def. Lindsay Peirce/Sydney Delp (HCW) 8-6

2. Dana Grace Buck/Corinne Prost (HCW) def. Matina Matic/Viktoriya Shkola (UFW) 8-2

3. Halle Hyman/Julia Formentin (HCW) def. Anna Foreman/Kymberlyn Warner (UFW) 8-1