Oilers Beat McKendree 5-0

Oilers Beat McKendree 5-0

The University of Findlay women's tennis team defeated McKendree by a score of 5-0 on March 12 in Lexington, Ohio. The win gives the Oilers a 7-6 record on the season.

Singles competition

1. Laiying Alvarado (UFW) def. Viola Cipriani (MCK) 7-6, 6-1

2. Samantha Sweet (UFW) vs. Sara Kalkenova (MCK) unfinished

3. Luciana Pereyra (UFW) def. Mariana Caicedo Mora (MCK) 6-0, 6-0

4. Laura Brito (UFW) vs. Bailee Wilson (MCK) unfinished

5. Eliza Kirov (UFW) def. Anna Marison (MCK) 6-0, 6-0

6. Kayley Gimbel (UFW) def. No player (MCK), by default

Doubles competition

1. Laiying Alvarado/Samantha Sweet (UFW) def. Viola Cipriani/Bailee Wilson (MCK) 7-6

2. Luciana Pereyra/Laura Brito (UFW) def. Mariana Caicedo Mora/Sara Kalkenova (MCK) 6-2

3. Madison Arquette/Eliza Kirov (UFW) def. No player/Anna Marison (MCK), by default